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Roger Stone seemingly called Alex Jones at InfoWars before he even left prison

What do you do when the FBI arrests you before dawn on charges of obstructing an official proceeding, witness tampering, and making false statements? You get bailed out and share your story with America's premier conspiracy theory peddler, apparently.

That's what Roger Stone, President Trump's longtime adviser, did Friday morning. After being pulled out of his Florida home on seven charges from Special Counsel Robert Mueller and subsequently posting bond, Stone promptly called into Alex Jones' show InfoWars to break down what happened.

Jones, the alt-right conspiracy monger who's been banned from nearly every media platform, asked just what Stone had been up to on that peaceful Friday morning. "I've had ... better mornings," Stone needlessly said, adding that the FBI raid "terrorized not only my wife, but my dogs." Stone also said he was in no way connected to Russian collusion and claimed the whole "politically motivated" situation was full of "false charges." Perhaps most emphatically, Stone and Jones implored listeners to donate to Stone's legal defense fund, mentioning he would need $2 million to fight the legal battle until the bitter end.

Stone barely lasted a minute on the phone before his connection started breaking off. He then had to sign off to be actually released from prison on a $250,000 bail, and walked outside to share a Nixonian pose with a waiting Florida crowd.