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super bowl LIII

Saints fans are spending the day protesting — and partying — in New Orleans

Super Bowl LIII might be taking place in Atlanta, but all the fun is happening in New Orleans.

Hours before kickoff, Saints fans hit the French Quarter for The Blackout and Gold Second-Line Parade, protesting against the non-call of a penalty during the NFC championship game, which led to the Rams winning and the Saints not marching in to a Super Bowl appearance. Dressed in black and gold everything, fans like Carol Mendel weaved through the streets, carrying signs and hooting and hollering. "I don't think any losing team is going to have a party like we're going to have here," she told The Times-Picayune. "It's going to be better than what's going on in Atlanta today."

The crowd surprised even organizer Kim Bergeron, who predicted more people were out in New Orleans than in Atlanta. "This is what happens when Saints fans come together," Bergeron said. "Because we realize that the game is not about the score, it's about a winning attitude, spirit, and showing the world that we are not defeated." Catherine Garcia