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Mueller mania

CNN is still sitting outside Mueller's office

Special Counsel Robert Mueller just won't go home — and neither will CNN.

Reporters — namely the so-called CNN stakeout team — have spent months loitering around Mueller's office, hoping to catch a glimpse of the mysterious man and his even more mysterious investigation into the Trump campaign's conduct surrounding Russian election interference. Yet even though the whole world knows Mueller's job is pretty much wrapped, the CNN stakeout team seemingly hasn't gotten the message.

All this behavior paid off on Tuesday, when CNN's Evan Pérez said Mueller was spotted dressing down at the office. On Thursday, CNN's Shimon Prokupecz noted that Mueller didn't leave for lunch as he usually does. And on Friday, it seemed Mueller didn't even show up — the biggest special counsel news of the day until the Department of Justice confirmed Mueller had wrapped his report completely.

Yet even though special counsel staffers were seen toting boxes out of the office last week, Mueller returned to work on Monday, Prokupecz tweeted. That's likely because, as Attorney General William Barr addressed in the preliminary findings from the report he delivered to Congress, there's still a whole lot of report for Barr to review. Some of the lawyers in Mueller's office are sticking around to tie up loose ends, like prosecuting former Trump adviser Roger Stone. Chances are, it'll be a while before Mueller gets to return to his regular scallop dinners with his wife — and before Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein gets to leave like he's long intended to do.