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Cindy McCain already shot down rumors that she's endorsing Joe Biden

Former Vice President Joe Biden hasn't formally announced his presidential candidacy yet — he'll reportedly do that on Thursday — but there's already some intrigue around potential prominent endorsements.

The Washington Examiner reported Wednesday that the family of the late Sen. John McCain, who died last August, was planning on backing Biden's bid. The report wasn't entirely surprising thanks to McCain's longstanding feud with President Trump, which Trump has continued even after McCain's death, often trading barbs with the senator's daughter, Meghan. Biden and McCain were also known to be close friends — Biden eulogized McCain at his funeral.

But it would still be a significant announcement given the McCain family's affiliation with the Republican Party. The Examiner reports both Meghan and her mother, Cindy, would remain registered Republicans despite their support of Biden.

However, Cindy McCain has already come out to dash the rumors, albeit with friendly words.

The denial is not necessarily a direct refutation of the Examiner's story, which reports that a McCain family source cautioned against expecting a "formal family endorsement" because some members of the family remain in the military.

The Washington Post reports that Biden's campaign spokesperson said "nothing has been communicated at this point" from Meghan McCain about whether she plans to endorse Biden. Read more at The Washington Examiner.