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Trump administration now requires social media information from most visa applicants

Most visa applicants aiming to come to the U.S. will now have to supply their social media information as part of a background check, reports The Hill.

The requirement, which went into effect on Friday, is an attempt to "screen out terrorists, public safety threats, and other dangerous individuals," from coming to the U.S. and obtaining immigration benefits, per The Hill.

Both temporary and permanent travelers will be required to list their accounts, reports The Verge. Social media options will be listed in a drop down menu, and applicants who do not use social media can opt-out of listing any accounts. The State Department will then use a screening system with government watchlists to flag potential threats.

Two years ago to the day, the Trump administration rolled out regulations requesting a voluntary listing of social media accounts for visa applicants, with those forgoing listing accounts increasing their potential for a delayed application. The State Department proposed the switch from voluntary to required in 2018, against criticism saying the rule was ineffective and problematic, writes The Verge.