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Tennessee man using a metal detector finds wedding ring lost in the 1970s

Wesley White and his metal detector are up for any challenge, including finding a wedding ring lost in the Tennessee dirt almost 50 years ago.

White was visiting his mother at her nursing home last week when he overheard another resident say her ring fell off in the 1970s while she was gardening, and was lost somewhere in the dirt. White is retired and enjoys spending time looking for treasures with his metal detector. He decided he wanted to try to find the woman's ring, and introduced himself to 94-year-old Florene Bush.

Bush's son, Frank, told WTVF his mother "always mentioned her gold band and how she missed it." White and his friend Jeff Howell went to the spot where the ring was last seen, and after 90 minutes, Howell found it under five inches of dirt. The ring was in good condition, with no scratches. After cleaning it, the men returned the band to Bush, who was "really thrilled," she said. Bush told WTVF she is glad to know that her ring can now be a family heirloom. Catherine Garcia