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Paul Manafort resurfaced for the 1st time in months to plead not guilty to New York state fraud charges

Paul Manafort could really use his ostrich suit right now.

The former Trump campaign chair made his first public appearance since March on Thursday, arriving at a Manhattan criminal court to plead not guilty to 16 counts of mortgage fraud, per The Daily Beast. And, as pretty much everyone can agree, he didn't look so good.

Judging by this photo, Manafort hasn't had access to hair dye, nor his collection of jackets with price tags in the low five digits. He did, at least, seemingly recover from a case of gout that landed him in a wheelchair back in March.

Manafort has been in prison since his March sentencing of 47 months on tax evasion charges. He received an additional 73 months in jail in May after pleading guilty to witness tampering and unregistered lobbying. New York state prosecutors then levied charges of mortgage fraud on the former GOP operative, likely because President Trump's pardon power doesn't extend to state charges. Manafort was transferred to a Manhattan prison earlier this month and spent an unspecified amount of time being held in solitary confinement, per his lawyers.