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Trump celebrates release of A$AP Rocky from Swedish custody: 'Get home ASAP A$AP!'

A$AP Rocky is being released from custody in Sweden as he awaits a verdict in his assault trial, and President Trump is celebrating with a pun-filled tweet.

The American rapper, whose real name is Rakim Mayers, was arrested along with two other men following a June street brawl in Stockholm, being charged with assault a few weeks later. Mayers has said he acted in self-defense, testifying as much during his trial this week after pleading not guilty, while Swedish prosecutors have accused him of "deliberately" attacking Mustafa Jafari.

A judge on Friday ordered Mayers and the two other men to be be freed from detention while he awaits a verdict in the trial, reports The Associated Press. Mayers is free to leave Sweden during this time, The Washington Post reports.

President Trump has spoken out in support of Mayers throughout the case, recently tweeting that he "watched the tapes" and saw that the rapper was "being followed and harassed by troublemakers." The president also said he was "very disappointed" in the prime minister of Sweden for "being unable to act" in the case.

On Friday, Trump weighed in on the release of Mayers, which he said came at the end of a "Rocky Week," also writing, "get home ASAP A$AP!"

A verdict in the trial is expected on Aug. 14.