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Rudy Giuliani can't stop butt-dialing reporters

The personal lawyer for the president of the United States absolutely can't stop butt-dialing reporters and has apparently done so no fewer than five times.

NBC News' Rich Schapiro reported Friday that Rudy Giuliani inadvertently called him and left a voicemail not once but twice recently, in one instance being heard talking to an unidentified person about how "the problem is we need some money," specifically "a few hundred thousand." On another occasion, the reporter says Giuliani accidentally called him and in a voicemail could be heard tearing into former Vice President Joe Biden and his son for three full minutes.

But even these aren't the only instances, with The Washington Post's Josh Dawsey referencing the "last time he accidentally dialed me," in another tweet writing that "I've heard him on what sounded like a plane, at the airport, at what sounded like a bar." Then there was a Politico article from March in which reporter Darren Samuelsohn also references that Giuliani "butt dialed me," although the ensuing voicemail was mostly "garbled." And Axios' Jonathan Swan reports that Giuliani somehow managed to text him an entire voice memo by accident, if that's even possible.

Evidently, Giuliani is aware of the problem, with the Daily Mail's David Martosko sharing a story of running into President Trump's lawyer and overhearing him saying, "And I butt-dialed him! Can you believe it?" Presumably, Giuliani is taking lessons on cellphone usage from the team responsible for emailing the White House's talking points.