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Trump touts conspiracy theory, says Bloomberg shouldn't be allowed to stand on a box during debates

President Trump really doesn't think the Democratic National Committee should let billionaire and former New York City Michael Bloomberg stand on a box during future Democratic primary debates. There's no evidence Bloomberg is trying to do that, but the president seems quite bothered by the possibility anyway.

In a preview clip from Fox News' Sean Hannity's Super Bowl interview with the president set to air Sunday, Trump is asked about Bloomberg. He said the only word he can think about when he ponders the man he's dubbed "Mini Mike" is "little." The president then went all in on a conspiracy theory he's developed — and tweeted — about Bloomberg negotiating with the DNC about standing on a platform so the Democratic presidential candidate appears taller during televised debates. Trump reportedly thinks that would be very unfair. "Does that mean everyone else gets a box?," he asked.

Trump did say, however, that it's okay to "be short."

The Bloomberg campaign said there's no basis to Trump's claim. Tim O'Donnell