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Lady Gaga's 'Stupid Love' music video is surprisingly reminiscent of Power Rangers

Just call her Mighty Morphin Lady Gaga.

Gaga on Friday dropped her new single "Stupid Love" alongside a video that might just make you wonder if Rita Repulsa's about to swoop in at any moment.

"Stupid Love," indeed, gives off some serious Mighty Morphin Power Rangers vibes right from its opening logo through its colorful costumes and setting, probably not the absolute number one property Little Monsters would have expected to inspire Gaga's first new music since A Star Is Born.

The Power Rangers social media manager certainly had a more eventful night than they probably expected, apparently being bombarded with notifications from the many, many Little Monsters making the connection from the moment the video was teased.

Earlier, the Power Rangers account had responded to a picture of Gaga's costume in the video with "not sure if we should fight this monster or stan this monster," only to finally come to the correct conclusion: "just consulted with Zordon and we have no choice but to stan."

We can only assume Gaga will keep up this trend with her next music video, in which she lives in the sewers, chows down on pizza, and fights Bebop and Rocksteady. Brendan Morrow