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no word on if the trucks went 'honk'

Advisers tried to help a reportedly 'inconsolable' Trump by bringing big trucks to the South Lawn

President Trump is down in the dumps, The Washington Post reports.

His polling numbers keep showing shrinking chances of winning re-election this fall. "Some stupid cop in Minneapolis kneels on someone’s neck and now everyone is protesting," he reportedly told one outside adviser. And "I had this great economy and they made me shut it down," Trump reportedly told another adviser, per the Post. It all has Trump "inconsolable," the first adviser said, and convinced media coverage of the pandemic and the protests is all targeted at him personally, more confidantes tell the Post.

So to boost Trump's mood, White House advisers have resorted to the most basic of tactics: big trucks and flattery. For example, Senior Counselor Hope Hicks and Social Media Director Dan Scavino brought 18-wheelers to the South Lawn in a celebration of truckers. They also put together social media videos of "throngs of [Trump's] adoring fans," and often show him some internal polls that make his November election chances look rosier, the Post notes.

One White House official rejected the idea that Trump saw himself as a victim in the pandemic. A White House spokesperson affirmed that thinking, and said while the U.S. "did not ask for this plague," Trump's promised "return to greatness has already begun" despite the economic downturn. Read more at The Washington Post.