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It wasn't all bad

12-year-old cook launches business after creating her own special wing sauces

A'Jzala Johnson, 12, has spent a lot of time in her kitchen over the last several months, and she has two flavorful concoctions to show for it.

The Luling, Louisiana, resident has always enjoyed cooking, and while in quarantine she created her very own wing sauces: BBQ & Tangy and Hot & Spicy. She decided to bottle her products under the name BabyJay's Wing Sauce, and on her first day in business, she sold 40 five-ounce bottles to members of her community. Word spread across town about how good her sauces are, and Johnson has since expanded to offer gallon jugs for $25.

Johnson is hard at work mixing spices and other ingredients together to make a third sauce, which is based off of Hot Cheetos. She told Good Morning America she hopes to one day own a food truck and see her bottles on store shelves. Her mother, Alicia Johnson, said she is "proud" of her daughter, and "as long as she does something to keep her busy, I'll keep buying bottles and we will keep selling sauces." Catherine Garcia