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Former CIA Director Michael Hayden endorses Joe Biden: 'Biden is a good man. Donald Trump is not.'

Retired Gen. Michael Hayden served as director of the CIA under former President George W. Bush and director of the National Security Agency, and in a powerful new video released Tuesday night by Republican Voters Against Trump, Hayden says "if there's another term for President Trump, I don't know what happens to America."

Hayden had a stroke in 2018 and suffers from aphasia, and the ad states that "though it's difficult, he feels it's important to speak out." In intelligence, the truth is "really important," Hayden says, but Trump "doesn't care about facts. President Trump doesn't care about the truth. He doesn't listen to his experts. The FBI says white nationalism is a real problem and the FBI wants to do something about it, but the president doesn't want to talk about that. He doesn't keep the country safe. It's unbelievable."

Hayden spent 40 years in the military, and believes foreign alliances are "wonderful" and "win-win." Now, he doesn't know how fractured these relationships are, and says "if Trump gets another term, I think many alliances will be gone and America will be alone. That's a real, real problem." While he "absolutely" disagrees with some of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden's policies, "that's not important," Hayden says. "What's important is the United States, and I'm supporting Joe Biden. Biden is a good man. Donald Trump is not." Catherine Garcia