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Biden will answer voters' questions instead of debate after Trump opts out

Democratic nominee Joe Biden has a new plan.

After the Commission on Presidential Debates said it would make next week's presidential debate virtue due to coronavirus concerns, President Trump said Thursday he simply wouldn't come. Biden opted out as well later in the day, but still called on Trump to debate later on.

The Oct. 15 debate was set to be a town hall with undecided voters, with candidates directly answering their questions. So without Trump there, Biden's campaign said he'll find "an appropriate place to take questions directly from voters" in a Thursday statement. Trump "clearly does not want to face questions from voters about his failures on COVID and the economy," the Biden campaign continued, but hoped the debate commission would reschedule the town hall to Oct. 22 so "the president is not able to evade accountability."

Trump announced Thursday he would hold a rally instead of debating, telling Fox Business "I'm not going to waste my time on a virtual debate."