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Twitter attaches warning labels to several more Trump tweets about the election

President Trump's tweets about the 2020 election continue to be hit with warning labels.

Twitter has flagged several tweets that Trump sent out on Wednesday, attaching labels saying they contain information that "is disputed and might be misleading." The first was Trump's baseless claim that Democrats are "trying to steal the election," which he posted early on Wednesday while the winner in the presidential race remained too close to call.

Twitter has also labeled a post by Trump baselessly blaming "surprise ballot dumps" on Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden pulling ahead in some battleground states, as well as another in which Trump wrote that "they are working hard" to make his early lead in Pennsylvania and Michigan "disappear," baselessly suggesting fraud was at play rather than more votes being counted. Once these labels are attached, users have to click a "view" button to see the tweets.

Trump had also quote tweeted a post that falsely suggested Biden suspiciously received 100 percent of new votes added in Michigan, but Twitter flagged this as misleading, and the author of the original tweet later deleted it and said this turned out to be the result of "a typo in one county."

A spokesperson for Twitter told NBC News that "as votes are still being counted across the country, our teams continue to take enforcement action on tweets that prematurely declare victory or contain misleading information about the election broadly." Trump's account wasn't the only one Twitter was taking action against on Wednesday, though. A tweet from the chair of the Democratic Party of Wisconsin prematurely claiming that Biden won the state, for example, was slapped with a label noting that this race may not have been called yet. In fact, news outlets have not projected a winner in Wisconsin.