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CNN fact-checker calls Trump's White House address the 'most dishonest speech he has ever given'

President Trump just delivered a speech about the 2020 election that one fact-checker has declared the "most dishonest" of his entire presidency.

Trump spoke from the White House on Thursday while legitimately cast votes continue to be counted in key states, baselessly claiming that Democrats are trying to "steal the election from us." As he has in the past, Trump leveled allegations of widespread voter fraud without any evidence.

Before the speech had even ended, CNN fact-checker Daniel Dale had seen enough to declare it Trump's most dishonest since he became president.

Dale called out numerous false claims from throughout Trump's speech, including that he "won" states based on how he was faring on election night even though not all of the votes had been counted at that point, as well as that he "easily" wins the election "if you count the legal votes," a claim Dale blasted as "absolute garbage." Dale also described the speech as an "appalling and anti-democratic series of lies" and "just horrific."

After Trump wrapped up, CNN's Jake Tapper described the president's remarks as a "sad" thing for the country and called out his false claims as "ugly" and "pathetic."