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Shakespeare scholar says post-election Trump exhibiting 'classic Act V behavior'

President Trump is exhibiting 'classic Act V behavior" as he deals with the fallout of his election defeat, Jeffrey Wilson, a Shakespearean scholar at Harvard University, told The New York Times.

Wilson, who published a book titled Shakespeare and Trump earlier this year, said "the forces are being picked off and the tyrant is holed up in his castle and he's growing increasingly anxious and he feels insecure and he starts blustering about his legitimate sovereignty and he starts accusing the opposition of treason."

As the Times notes, Trump has been hurling unfounded claims of election fraud at Democrats and Republicans alike, and has even reportedly pondered turning on some of his closest allies like Attorney General William Barr.

Wilson suggested the comparisons to tragic Shakespearean figures like King Lear don't bode well for the next few weeks. "If there are these analogies between classic literature and society as it's operating right now, then that should give us some big cause for concern this December," he said. "We're approaching the end of the play here and that's where catastrophe always comes." Read more at The New York Times.