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It wasn't all bad

Virginia neighbors find a way to show UPS driver how much he is appreciated

For one neighborhood in Virginia, UPS driver Anthony Gaskin has been delivering more than packages this year — he's also been bringing joy.

Patty Friedman moved to the Hallsey neighborhood in Midlothian during the pandemic, and felt sad about being unable to connect with the other residents. One person who made her feel welcome was Gaskin, who always smiled and waved as he dropped off packages. "It was terribly lonely and he was always the highlight of my day," Friedman told WTVR.

Gaskin has delivered hundreds of packages to the neighborhood during the pandemic, including food and essentials for high-risk families and Christmas gifts from grandparents who haven't seen their grandchildren in months. To show their appreciation for his hard work, Friedman and a neighbor planned a surprise, socially distanced celebration for Gaskin.

Last Friday, hundreds of residents got into their cars and lined the streets along Gaskin's route, honking their horns, ringing bells, and holding up signs as he slowly drove by. His supervisors were also there and presented Gaskin with a gift. Friedman told WTVR that Gaskin was shocked and moved to tears by the outpouring of support. After thanking everyone, he hopped back into his truck, ready to deliver more joy — and packages. Catherine Garcia