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impeachment round 2

Trump's impeachment lawyer specializes in medical malpractice and 'people falsely accused in Me Too cases'

Former President Donald Trump's impeachment lawyer wasn't exactly his first choice — he's not known for taking on high-profile federal cases. Still, Bruce Castor is ready to defend the man he calls "the nicest guy in the world," and isn't anticipating it'll be very hard, he tells The Washington Post.

Castor, the former district attorney for Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, was tapped to defend Trump just a week ago, after the former president's first team of lawyers quit. But Castor thought he actually had the job weeks earlier. His cousin Stephen Castor was the House Republicans' counsel during Trump's first impeachment, and he had asked Castor if he was interested in the job back on Jan. 17. Castor was of course interested; though he still has never met Trump, he voted for him, and said he has had nothing but "delightful" interactions with him since getting the role.

The late addition left Castor with barely a week to prepare for the trial. "I would have liked the extra two weeks of preparation time," he told the Post. After all, since leaving public service, Castor has been focused on medical malpractice, personal injury, and "people falsely accused in Me Too cases where their reputations were ruined," he said. He's probably most famous for not prosecuting Bill Cosby in 2005, when Andrea Constand accused him of sexual assault.

But as Castor tells the Post, he doesn't find Trump's case "particularly complicated." He's "enormously proud" of the defense he and fellow lawyer David Schoen drew up in response to the House impeachment managers' charge of incitement of insurrection, even if it did misspell the name of the United States. And as long as the whole thing doesn't "get bogged down with everyone wanting to ask questions," Castor said he's ready to succinctly "get it done and go home." Read more about Castor's defense plan at The Washington Post.