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impeachment round 2

Trump was reportedly not impressed by his impeachment lawyer's performance

Add former President Donald Trump to the list of people puzzled, perplexed, and perturbed by his impeachment lawyer Bruce Castor's performance on Tuesday.

During a rambling opening argument, Castor praised the House impeachment managers and barely mentioned whether it is unconstitutional to hold a trial for a president once they are out of office. Trump was apoplectic, people familiar with the matter told CNN and The New York Times, and while his spirits were slightly lifted when his other attorney, David Schoen, attacked Democrats during his remarks, Trump was still furious when the proceedings were finished for the day.

Some people close to Trump defended Castor, saying that after the House managers showed raw footage of the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol, he needed to "lower the temperature." Castor and Schoen only had about a week to prepare their opening arguments, coming on board after several members of Trump's original legal team abruptly quit.

With the impeachment trial, Trump can see the type of attorneys who are now willing to defend him, one adviser told CNN, and he better hope this isn't a glimpse into his legal future. "Trump is f--ked if anyone ever charges him," the adviser said. "No one wants to work with him."