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Naomi Osaka notches 4th Grand Slam title with Australian Open win

Naomi Osaka won her fourth Grand Slam title Saturday and further solidified herself as one of the world's greatest tennis stars after defeating Jennifer Brady 6-4, 6-3 in the Australian Open final.

It's the second time Osaka has emerged victorious in Melbourne, the first coming in 2019. She's also captured two U.S. Open titles. All told, ESPN notes, the 23-year-old has the third-most Grand Slam championships of any active women behind Serena Williams (whom Osaka beat in the semifinals this week) and her sister, Venus, who have 23 and seven, respectively.

Post-match, Osaka and Brady had nothing but praise for each afterward. Osaka told the upstart American that "I told everyone that would listen that you're going to be a problem — and I was right," while Brady said Osaka is "an inspiration to us all ... I hope young girls at home are watching."

Osaka also noted the presence of the crowd on hand, emblematic of Australia largely quelling the coronavirus. "I didn't play my last Grand Slam with fans," she said, referring to her 2020 U.S. Open run, "so just to have this energy, it means a lot." Read more at ESPN. Tim O'Donnell