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he's running?

The DNC is reportedly preparing for a potential 2024 presidential run from MyPillow's Mike Lindell

It looks like the Democratic National Committee is getting ready for a possible pillow fight in 2024.

The DNC has "has quietly assembled a core team" that's looking ahead to the 2024 presidential election, and not long after President Biden's inauguration, it "started gathering 'oppo' on over 20 Republican politicians and has identified 49 GOPers who could run," Politico reports.

Evidently, they have their eye on a "wide range of people," not just the possible candidates you'd expect like Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), but also "unconventional candidates" — like MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell.

"DNC officials believe social media has made the barrier to entry lower for presidential candidates and that there will be a crowded field again if Trump doesn't run," Politico writes. Fox News host Tucker Carlson is also reportedly one of these "unconventional" candidates the DNC has identified.

Lindell has been repeatedly pushing false allegations of voter fraud in the wake of the 2020 presidential election, and he's even claimed that former President Donald Trump "will be back in office in August." The pillow magnate "has told associates" that Trump "is encouraging him to run for governor of Minnesota" in 2022, Politico reported last year.

Still, a 2024 presidential run by Lindell might appear unlikely, especially given the possibility that Trump himself seeks another term. But even if there's a small chance, it seems the DNC doesn't want to be asleep at the wheel.