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Tucker Carlson on choosing a spouse: 'If she cries, marry her. If she yells at you, don't.'

Tucker Carlson provided some unorthodox relationship advice during an interview with University of Chicago freshman Daniel Schmidt, who edits an independent campus newspaper.

Toward the beginning of the interview, a 40-minute conversation posted to YouTube on Sunday, Schmidt asked the Fox News host if there was "some virtue" in getting married young. Carlson responded that early marriage "is the greatest thing you can do."

He also urged young men to "have more children than you can afford." To concerns about the financial burden of raising a family, he responded, "Bulls--t ... People have families in Burkina Faso." Carlson acknowledged that children can make life "chaotic and difficult," but insisted that "there is nothing more valuable" in life. "You will die in the end, and their comfort in your final hours will be worth more than any effort you make on their behalf," he told Schmidt.

As for finding a spouse, the controversial host of Tucker Carlson Tonight urged listeners to eschew casual sex and "marry some chick who you think is nice and hot." Wondering if the girl you're dating is marriage material? Carlson provides a simple litmus test: "When she gets mad at you, does she yell at you, or does she cry? If she cries, marry her. If she yells at you, don't."

Carlson has been married to his wife, Susan, since 1991. They have four children.