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a trip to remember

Father and son bike 3,300 miles to fulfill dream of seeing the Statue of Liberty

Shepherd Colver had a summer vacation he'll never forget.

Shepherd, 9, always dreamed of seeing the Statue of Liberty in person, and instead of driving or flying to New York from their home in Washington state, Shepherd and his dad, James, decided to travel cross country by bike. They first tried making the 3,300 mile trek in 2019, but stopped when Shepherd started getting bad headaches; he was later diagnosed with diabetes. 

The duo were ready to hit the road again this summer, and it was smooth sailing from the West Coast to the east. After 18 weeks of pedaling, Shepherd and James coasted into New York City earlier this month, celebrating their arrival with a sparkling cider toast. The long journey was "definitely worth it," Shepherd told CBS News, adding that the Statue of Liberty is "pretty cool." James found their adventure to be a "wonderful bonding experience. I feel like I invested my time as his dad really well here."