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Texas couple weds at the train station where they met

Beth Leamon and James McNair met, became engaged, and were married in the same spot: the Trinity Railway's Bell Station platform in Hurst, Texas.

Leamon and McNair first started talking six years ago, as they waited for the commuter train. During their daily chats, they discovered things they had in common — both work in the medical field and enjoy the same music genres — and Leamon told People they started "showing up earlier and earlier so that we could spend more time with one another." Leamon asked McNair to dinner on his birthday, and after a "fabulous" evening, the pair became inseparable.

Last October, McNair brought Leamon to the platform and proposed. It's a "special place," Leamon said. "We knew we would not have found each other had we not met there." That's why the couple decided this would be the best spot to get married, and on Sunday — with permission from Trinity Metro — they tied the knot on the platform. "Love can happen in the least expected places," Leamon said.