Toronto’s crack-smoking mayor Rob Ford is still clinging to power, though the city council did strip him of certain mayoral powers on Friday. And with new allegations emerging daily about his bad habits — such as the night he spent cavorting with prostitutes, and his penchant for guzzling down 12-ounce bottles of vodka before going for a drive — it seems only a matter of time before this colorful Canadian is shamed out of office.

But the market for Ford souvenirs has only grown alongside his notoriety. Here’s a shopping guide to the best Ford goodies on the internet, in case you need to remind yourself of all those “drunken stupors” the drug-puffing mayor would rather forget.

1.The limited edition bobblehead


Hundreds of people lined up at Toronto City Hall last week to buy one of the 1,000 “Robbie Bobbies” on sale, and the mayor himself was on hand to sign the figurines. “We’re living in crazy times,” said Jay White, who queued for three hours to get a bobblehead doll. “[It’s] a once-in-a-lifetime experience to have a time stamp of a guy that smokes crack as a mayor.” The $20 dolls quickly sold out and then started appearing on eBay, where frantic bidding drove prices up to over $300.

2. The knit hat


With this cute "Crackgate"-emblazoned pom pom cap, “you should be as warm as Ford’s crackpipe!” boasts Etsy seller DunceDunceRevolution.

3. The fan art


For artists, Ford is the gift that keeps on giving. People have sketched him shouting at his minions, painted him naked and floating in a surrealist landscape, and, most confusingly, re-imagined the mayor as a poker-playing dog. Our favorite, though, is Stephanie Kervin’s portrait, which manages to imbue Ford with a sense of dignity and pride that remains agonizingly elusive in real life.

4. The “I smoked crack with Rob Ford” T-shirt


The message speaks for itself. But considering what has happened to the men who allegedly hung out with the mayor when he smoked crack, you may want to think twice about wearing this T-shirt. Anthony Smith, who posed with Ford for a photo outside an alleged crack den, was shot and killed in a gangland shooting last March. Monir Kassim and Muhammad Khattak, who also appeared in that picture, were arrested a few months later on suspicion of drug and weapons offenses.

5. The golf ball


If you sometimes feel like whacking the mayor with a four iron, but fear reprisals from his scary friends, why not take your frustration out on this $5 golf ball set?

6. The tote bag


An ardent supporter of Torontonians' right to bear plastic bags, this eco-friendly reusable canvas sack would likely turn Ford an even angrier shade of red. Which is exactly what Etsy seller Ali Harrison hopes, as she says the bag is “perfect for toting your organic veggies on your lefty-pinko bike.”

7. The badge


For Toronto residents who simply want a mayor who's not high on the job, this $3 button says it all: No Mo’ Ro Fo.