Have you heard? Lunch is in. (Don't feel bad if you didn't know; this is some pretty edgy stuff.)

But seriously, this is liberating news. It means no more spending $10, $15, sometimes $20 on mediocre Thai takeout. No more ordering extra pizza you don't want just to meet delivery minimums. No more overdressed salad bar salad and no more grocery store sushi. We all do it, grumblingly, and it stops here.

It's time for a lunch revolution. Let it become a point of pride, not of shame, that your yesterday self took a little extra time to brighten up your day today. Let your lunch be a canvas crying out for self-expression, not a ball and chain around your feet. Let us join hands and march through the streets, cleverly updated lunch pails clanking, and let our voices be heard: We will no longer be oppressed by stale, dry turkey wraps! We are staging a midday meal coup d'état, and we will take no prisoners!

Not sure where to start? Here are nine ways to pack a lunch that will make your deli-falafel-nibbling coworkers green with envy. Baby steps. Let the revolution begin with you.

Warm orzo salad with beets & greens by the parsley thief

Not-too-virtuous salad with caramelized apple vinaigrette
by wanderash

Freekeh salad with fennel and mint
by drbabs

Bocadillo el camino: Spanish omelet sandwich to go by vvvanessa

Smoked lentil salad with sriracha miso mayonnaise
by NBrush

Grape leaf pilaf by Anitalectric

Black bean and quinoa veggie burgers
by Sonali aka the Foodie Physician

Northern spy's kale salad
by Genius Recipes

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