Welcome to The Week's "What Next?" contest, an invitation to test your powers of imagination with challenges inspired by current events.

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Last week's question: Now that the debates are over, we asked you what one sentence would have served either candidate well, no matter what question was asked.



THE WINNER: That's an excellent question. Let me tell you why I'm not going to answer it.
Gayle Morrow, Middlebury Center, PA

SECOND PLACE: I feel strongly both ways.
Bob Bouws, Grand Rapids, MI

THIRD PLACE: Every human entertains a fantasy. It's always been mine to live in Cleveland, Ohio.
John Peter Walsh, Mercer Island, WA . 


I'll have a more nuanced reply on this week's Saturday Night Live.
Kevin Peppard, Oak Park, IL 

We need nonpartisan solutions, but I'm against that.
Romella J. ElKharzazi, Washington, DC

That is a question best asked of my opponent.
Mike Revzin, Atlanta, GA

Just last week I talked with a single mom in Lima, Ohio, who had tears in her eyes as she told me…
Anne Marie Dominguez, Plymouth, MA

I don't think I answered your question; I will this time.
Bob Leek, Portland, OR

Let me first say that in establishing all our priorities, we must ensure the future prosperity of our great middle class.
Kenneth Updegrove, Cedaredge, CO

That's a great question, but two minutes isn't sufficient to answer it, so let me speak to a different point.
Thom Thacker, Irvington, NY

Don't laugh — he's not joking.
Brad Christianson, Naples, FL

If I'm lying, may God strike me dead.
Jeffrey May, Lakeville, CT

Go ahead, my time is up. 
Meredith Swallow, Winooski, VT

If elected I will move the White House to Ohio.
Richard Heater, Keller, TX