Facebook introduces a feature that allows users to identify themselves as organ donors, in the hopes of creating a growing network that could save lives. [Newser]

Trying to land behind bars
A founder of the Occupy movement says he expects hundreds of arrests during May Day protests, forecasting that the arrests will "directly challenge power" and keep Occupy alive. [Business Insider]

Hillary Clinton's cool factor
Actor Jason Segel says he wants to work with Hillary Clinton on a movie; Clinton denies him with a humorous rejection letter. [BuzzFeed]


Safe cycling
A new survey finds that four out of five bike-share riders don't wear a helmet. [GOOD

Panda privacy
The National Zoo in Washington, D.C., live-tweets its attempt to artificially inseminate a 13-year-old giant panda. [TIME]

Cutting the cord
Rumors swirl that online television streaming service Hulu may require its users to subscribe to cable TV to continue using Hulu. [Consumerist]

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