George Stephanopoulos' ego
After the final numbers from last week are tallied, Good Morning America officially breaks the Today show's 16-year streak of morning-show ratings dominance. [Huffington Post]

Sluggish sugar addicts
Amazon starts selling boxes of caffeinated marshmallows for $25 each. [Death & Taxes]

Nerdy boozehounds
Fans of HBO's fantasy epic Game of Thrones delight in a drinking game that urges viewers to take a shot every time "dragons spit fire" or "someone breaks a vow or oath." [Warming Glow]


The sanctity of your newsfeed
A new study reveals that 61 percent of U.S. parents log into their teens' Facebook accounts without telling them. [PC Mag]

Burger King's loyal subjects
American fast food is found to have more salt per gram than fast food from any other country. [Consumerist]

Delaware considers a law that would slap a fine of up to $230 on lackadaisical motorists hogging the left lane. [Newser]

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