The video: At this point, most political observers assume that the GOP 2012 presidential field can only shrink, not grow, since it's already too late to get a candidate on the primary ballots in states like New Hampshire and Florida. The group Conservatives4Palin doesn't agree, and just bought TV time in Iowa for an ad urging former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to reconsider her decision to sit out the race. (Watch below) "If this ad is able to build some momentum for the Governor," the group says, Palin could still jump in.

The reaction: The ad is fine, if a little grainy and routine, stringing together "standard stump fare from Palin," says Jazz Shaw in Hot Air. It's also a little late: Palin's missed too many filing deadlines, and her donor pool and backers have long moved on. Sorry, Sarah fans, "the 2012 ship has already sailed." This ad "might be futile, but it isn't pointless," says John Hayward in Human Events. "It's a very clear reminder" to the remaining GOP candidates of what they must do and say to "attract Palin's [legion of] supporters." Check it out: