The video: Guinness World Records 2012 is out, and one of the record book's new entries is melting the hearts of dog lovers worldwide. There's a new "handler of the most dogs skipping on a rope" — and the magic number is 13. The dogs mastered their in-unison feat with the help of trainer Uchida Geinousha of the Super Wan Wan Circus in Japan. In a video interview (see below), Geinousha — holding a pink-and-blue-eared poodle named Mayonnaise — explains how she introduced the trick during playtime so the dogs saw skipping as something fun. Indeed, the dogs seem to be enjoying themselves as they synchronously jump over the swinging rope, tongues wagging with delight.

The reaction: The world is "full of wonderful mystery," says Erin Gloria Ryan at Jezebel. You can't help but be whisked back to your playground days by those furry little faces. Forget the rope-jumping talent, says Ami Angelowicz at The Frisky. Judging by that pink-and-blue-eared beast, Geinousha clearly has an eye for fashion-forward pups. "Maybe her next world record will be the Most Punk Rock Poodles." Prepare to say "awww":