In the latest blurring of politics and entertainment, defeated GOP Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell says she has been invited to compete on "Dancing with the Stars." O'Donnell, a Tea Party favorite who was trounced in Delaware's Senate race, says her first reaction was to decline, as she has two left feet and is busy working on a book about politics. But she says friends have urged her to give it a whirl, and she is asking her Facebook fans for their opinions. Should she do it? (Watch a report about O'Donnell's invitation)

Put on your dancing shoes, Christine: It would be a mistake for O'Donnell to turn down "Dancing with the Stars," says Rick Limpert in Yahoo! News. After her election defeat and infamous claim about "dabbling" in witchcraft, "she needs to reintroduce herself to the American public." Her career could use a positive jolt, and this will make her a "household name."
"Christine O'Donnell should do 'Dancing with the Stars'"

This could be disastrous: Christine O'Donnell should think hard before saying yes, says Laurel Brown at Buddy TV. As one anguished fan warned on Facebook, going on a TV talent show could just make it easier for "left wing moonbats" to paint her as an "intellectual lightweight." No matter how she does on the dance floor, the "political fallout" could make her a loser.
"The politics of dancing: A possible 'Dancing with the Stars' competitor appears"

Relax. This would not be political suicide: Tea Partiers loved it when Sarah Palin's daughter Bristol competed on "Dancing with the Stars," says US Magazine, so why shouldn't O'Donnell give it a go? She wouldn't be the first Republican politician to "strut her stuff on the show" — former House Speaker Tom DeLay appeared on "Dancing with the Stars" in 2009.
"Tea Party's Christine O'Donnell mulling DWTS!"