President Obama's signature legislative accomplishment won't come cheap. The IRS wants an "army" of new auditors and staffers, plus a number of new facilities, just for the initial implementation of Obama's health-care reforms. Here, a brief guide to the IRS's requested "battalion," and the cost to taxpayers:

Number of new auditors and staffers the IRS says it will need for initial implementation of Obama's health-care reforms. "Adding hundreds of new jobs and millions of dollars to the IRS isn't going to make care better or more available for anyone," says critic Sen. John Barrasso (R-Wyo.).

$359 million
The cost to taxpayers in fiscal year 2012. "One lesson of this budget is that every attempt to manage the largest sector of the American economy will inevitably create bureaucracies that impose a hidden, dispersed cost on American taxpayers," says Lachlan Markay at NewsBusters.

Number of new staffers who will be charged with making sure tanning salons pay a 10-percent excise tax

Number of tanning salons they'll be overseeing

$11.5 mllion
Cost of the tanning-salon tax enforcers. "One can make a credible case that ObamaCare is a job killer for the tanning-service industry and a stimulus program for government-paid tax collectors at the IRS," says Brian Darling at Big Government. "Yet another reason to repeal this unconstitutional law."

Number of new staffers who will be charged with overseeing drug makers and enforcing new fees

$2.8 billion
Amount those fees are expected to bring in to the Treasury in 2012 and 2013

$22.2 million
Amount the IRS has requested to help teach taxpayers the details of health-care reform

Number of provisions in the health-care reform law that amend existing tax rules. According to the IRS, it "represents the largest set of tax law changes in more than 20 years."

$13.8 million
Amount requested to update IRS call-center infrastructure to deal with added work from the new laws

$279 million
The return on their health-care investment the IRS expect to get by fiscal year 2014. "It's not all tough news for taxpayers," says Paul Bedard in U.S. News.

Sources: U.S. News, NewsBusters, Big Government