The video: An 8-year-old Saudi girl, identified only as Juju, has some tough-minded advice for embattled Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak: "Let the people of Egypt vote," or "they're just going to make problems for you." Her 51-second videotaped message has gone viral, so even if Mubarak's constituents can't see it, due to his internet blackout, plenty of people around the world have now watched the young girl's "common sense" lecture.
The reaction: Maybe it takes a "precocious 8-year-old" to "make sense of the violence and upheaval in Egypt," says Charlie White in Mashable. Juju's "innate sense of fairness" — let someone else have a turn, Mubarak — well, "didn't we all learn this in kindergarten?" That's what makes the video so effective, say the editors of The Huffington Post. A powerful leader being "schooled by an 8-year-old? Ouch." The advice is great, and spot-on, says Tannara Yelland in The Sheaf. But "the 'secret' she tells him at the end is an awesome throwdown." Watch the video: