The video: Bristol Palin's controversial run on "Dancing with the Stars" may be over, but she's still preoccupying the media. MSNBC host Keith Olbermann named Palin the recipient of his non-coveted "Worst Person in the World" award last week, calling her seemingly contradictory roles as teen mom and abstinence advocate the equivalent of "saying George Bush kept us safe except for that 9/11 thing." (Watch a clip here.) Yesterday, Bristol fired back at Olbermann on Facebook, describing his charge of hypocrisy as "an old canard" and saying that "it sometimes takes a person who has made mistakes" to be a credible spokesperson. Did Bristol come out on top?
The reaction:
"I have a sneaking suspicion that Sarah Palin 'cybermessenger' Rebecca Mansour — whom many suspect of ghostwriting some portion of Palin's Facebook missives — is behind this," says Maureen O'Connor in Gawker. But "Keith Olbermann is a hemorrhoid of a man." Indeed, "Bristol's got a point, and, clearly, access to a thesaurus," says Mark Joyella in Mediaite. "Props" to her "for pushing back with style." Palin "comes out a bit of a champion after all," says Jon Lachonis in Zap2It. She's "the first person to fire volleys of reason in this whole debate." Watch an AP report on Keith versus Bristol below: