Britain's Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron bluntly called Gaza "a prison camp" during a state visit to Turkey, and British conservatives are split over the implicit criticism of Israel. "Good for David Cameron," says The Daily Telegraph's Mary Riddell, for calling Gaza what it is, a prison camp, and showing that "Britain will not humor the Netanyahu government over Gaza." No, "such provocative, emotive language" just obscures the "two-sided coin" of blame for Gaza, says Peter Hoskin in The Spectator, with Hamas playing at least as much a role in Gaza's misery as Israel. Like it or not, this "shameless love-in with Turkey," and shaming of Israel, is classic "Cameron-style kick-and-run diplomacy," says Simon Tisdall in The Guardian. Calling "a spade a bloody shovel" may lack for subtlety, but it's how "Britain's greenhorn prime minister" rolls. It may be "radical" or "naive," but it's "certainly different." Watch Cameron's remarks: