U.S. Rep. Ciro Rodriguez got some unwanted campaign publicity Monday, when several conservative blogs posted a video showing the Texas Democrat getting angry with a constituent who claimed Rodriguez was not telling the truth about health-care reform. The video shows Rodriguez explaining that he voted for the health reform because the costs of the bill will be less than the cost of doing nothing. A woman off camera interrupts him with a question, and Rodriguez says she's being uncivil. She replies that she'll be polite when he starts telling the truth, and Rodriguez gets upset, smacking a table with his rolled up newspaper. Boy, says Mike Flynn at Big Government. When a congressman "loses his temper so quickly" at his own constituents for having the audacity to ask him to defend his record, you know the Democrats are panicked. How dare Rodriguez have the nerve to ask for civility, says Jack Stuef at Wonkette. "Doesn’t he know [that's] the quickest way to get thrown out of office?" Watch Rodriguez's "freak out":