Adding to this year's list of peculiar political ads, the National Republican Congressional Committee authored a spot depicting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) as a tax-hungry 50-foot cartoon monster. The ad, which ran in Pennsylvania in May, encouraged residents to vote against Pelosi's "liberal San Francisco" viewpoint by pledging their support for GOP congressional candidate Tim Burns. Burns lost the state's special election, but vitriol for Pelosi remains high among right-leaning voters. "If you go to almost any grassroots event and you mention the speaker's name," Texas Republican Congressional candidate Bill Flores tells the Washington Post, "you will get a huge response from the audience." Well, that explains why they made the ad, says Matt Smith in SF Weekly. But it doesn't tell us why they need it "when they're supposedly heading toward midterm elections on a so-called wave of public support." Watch "Attack of the 50-foot Nancy Pelosi" below: