It's fair to say Tina Fey had a good weekend. Not only did her new comedy, Date Night, win at the box office with a $27 million haul, Fey also reprised her famous role as Sarah Palin on "Saturday Night Live" to almost universal critical delight. The satirical segment announced the launch of a "Sarah Palin Network" — playing off of Oprah's new cable channel — and included digs at the former Alaskan governor, the Tea Party and even late-night host Jay Leno. "The writing is as savvy and informed as Fey's performance," raves David Zurawik in the Baltimore Sun. The "brilliant comic take" may even have Fox News and TLC regretting their decision to sign Palin. Joan Walsh at Salon says: I used to think Fey's Palin impression was a little "overdone." But now that Palin has "fully gone rogue," if anything, "Fey's take seems a little tame." Watch the full segment here: