After nearly three months of silence, Tiger Woods will finally speak. Mark Steinberg, the golfer's agent, has announced that Woods plans to address the sex scandal that came to light after a Thanksgiving night car accident and "apologize for his behavior." Reportedly, Woods will also announce his return to the sport of golf. Here, first reactions to the news of Tiger Woods' press conference and thoughts on what to expect: (Watch a Fox Business report about Tiger Woods's planned press conference)

Sounds like he's still a control freak
"So, in other words, Woods will continue to control the environment in which he talks about his transgressions while avoiding the possibility of receiving a question he can’t handle," says Pete Dougherty at the Albany Times Union. This announcment raises "more questions than it answers."

The golf world knows which side its bread is buttered on
"No matter what Tiger says to the media on Friday morning, the laughs won't happen in front of him," says blogger Tab at Chicago Now. "The game of golf has too much riding on him (the puns just won't stop, sorry...)" to permit any open snickering.

The conference will answer at least one big question
"There is no word on whether wife Elin Nordegren will be by his side, but if we were to guess ... we'd say yes," says Andrea Reiher at Zap2It. "This is Tiger's first step back in rehabbing his image, and her absence, while understandable, would be very telling."

Early indications? Don't expect contrition
"All of a sudden, he’s sounding a lot less than sorry," says Golf Blogger. "I think that this bombs as a public relations ploy. He’s still not facing his fans and the media — and they’re the ones who made him what he is."

Why has it taken this long?
"All we have to say is, it's about time," says Chris Rovzar in New York magazine. "After everything he did to us, we're really the ones due an apology."


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