Tiger Woods has checked into a sex-addiction treatment program in Hattiesburg, Miss., according to Radar Online. The superstar golfer has not been seen in public since his post-Thanksgiving car crash sparked a string of revelations about sexual affairs. Woods' wife, Elin Nordegren, has since left him, and Woods has lost several big-money endorsement contracts. Is Woods really seeking help, or is this a stunt to repair his tattered image? (Watch a report about Tiger Woods' sex rehab.)

Why would we doubt his sincerity? "With a list of affairs that reads more like a long grocery list," says Olivia Anderson in ChattahBox, Tiger Woods is clearly in need of help. "The affairs have ruined his marriage, and had a horrible effect on his career"—it's hardly surprising that Tiger would see counseling as the logical first step to getting his life back on track. "Good luck, Tiger!"
"Tiger Woods officially enters sex rehab"

What malarkey: If Tiger Woods is going to blame a disease for the fact that he went around "humping everything in sight," says Stuart Heritage in Heckler Spray, he shouldn't have picked sex addiction, an illness whose existance many people still doubt. Then again, maybe it's easier to give rehab a whirl than to admit you're a "thoughtless" serial cheater.
"Tiger Woods ‘Drags his ... to sex rehab"

Whatever Woods is thinking, he can't hide forever: Who can guess at Tiger's "mind-set," says the Sports Network's Gerard Gallagher in The Miami Herald. He's been invisible and silent since the scandal broke. But he'll have to lift the "veil" eventually, certainly once he starts competing again—and answer hard questions about what he has done to his family and to the game of golf.
"Veil beginning to lift on post-scandal Woods"


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