The National Organization for Marriage has apparently distanced itself from former beauty queen and gay-marriage opponent Carrie Prejean, who recently confessed to sending solo sex tapes to a one-time boyfriend. The gossip site TMZ also recently reported that Prejean had been dropped from an "ultra-conservative" event in New Jersey. Have the Carrie Prejean sex tapes ruined her as a conservative icon? (Watch Carrie Prejean threaten to storm off the set of Larry King Live!)

The Christian right should dump Prejean: Carrie Prejean claimed she was a naive 17-year-old when she made her sex tape, says Calvin Lowery in Mom Logic. If she really was under 18—her ex-boyfriend says she was 20—she's a child pornographer, and she wouldn't be the first teen prosecuted for sexting. But liar or "sex offender," she's a worse poster child for family values than two gay men who want to commit to each other for life.
"Carrie Prejean: Conservative sex offender?"

People attacking Prejean are the "ugly" ones: What a "sad and ugly" episode of character assassination, says National Organization for Marriage president Maggie Gallagher in, by gay-marriage advocates gleefully using the Carrie Prejean sex tapes to discredit her beliefs. Prejean's not perfect—who is?— but "no-one should face this kind of invasion of their privacy simply because they believe marriage is the union of husband and wife. Period."
"National Organization for Marriage: Miss California 'sex tape' scandal 'weird, sad and ugly'"

Prejean's conservative defenders are the hypocrites: "Making a sex tape is never acceptable," period, says Meghan McCain in The Daily Beast, But yes, let's cut Carrie Prejean some slack—she's only 22, and a beauty queen, "not a politician." The ones who should be ashamed here are those Republicans who believe that "as long as you are against gay marriage, any scandal in your life can be overlooked." Such hypocrisy makes me sick.
"Do sex tapes matter?"