GOOD DAY FOR: Rupert Murdoch, after The Wall Street Journal became the highest-circulation newspaper in the U.S., toppling longtime champ USA Today. The Journal has 2.02 million subscribers, according to new Audit Bureau of Circulation numbers, compared with USA Today’s 1.88 million—although USA Today says the Journal’s numbers are misleading because they include paid online subscriptions. USA Today was hit by Marriott’s decision to stop automatically delivering the paper to its hotel rooms. (New York)

BAD DAY FOR: Shopaholism, after a new Citi survey shows that U.S. women of all incomes have cut back on all types of spending, and vow to stick with their new frugality even after the economy recovers. That sentiment was especially prevalent among mothers—75 percent—although 61 percent of childless women and 60 percent of men agreed that their spending was lower for good now. Experts doubt the forever-frugal pledges, but if women stick to their words, that’s bad news for a consumer-driven economic recovery—women control about 80 percent of household spending. (MarketWatch)

Wednesday: Good day for recycling, Bad day for asking for a raise
Tuesday: Good day for second chances, Bad day for thinking small
Monday: Good day for spiritual growth, Bad day for a reliable sidekick