"The war of words between Jon Stewart and Jim Cramer sees no sign of ending," said Roger Catlin in The Hartford Courant. Stewart recently eviscerated CNBC on The Daily Show (watch the video), and some of the most withering criticism was reserved for Cramer. So the Mad Money host defended himself in print (read it here) and on TV (watch Cramer on MSNBC’s Morning Joe) only to invite another barrage from Stewart (watch the video).

"Jim Cramer can defend himself all he wants," said Jonathan Stein in Mother Jones. But he can't win the "serious feud" he's entering with Jon Stewart. It's hard to defend the way Cramer sells often horrible stock picks to his viewers with his "carnival barking style." More important, in a war of wits, the guy with the sense of humor always wins.

"You have to hand it to Jon Stewart," said Ryan Tate in Gawker. He had "the good sense to mock his 'Basic Cable Personality Clash' with Jim Cramer” the very moment it became mockable. So maybe the feud will end soon—even the "relentlessly incorrect" Cramer thinks it's been "inflated beyond all reason." Too bad—once this is over, we'll have to watch debates about the economic meltdown "with no Jon Stewart–supplied punchline at the end."