An underdog has won the Westminster Dog Show, said Amelia Glynn in the San Francisco Chronicle. Stump—a 10-year-old Sussex spaniel—came out of retirement after nearly dying of a mysterious illness and became the oldest dog ever to win the top prize of the nation's top dog show (click here for an AP video report).  Stump is also the first of his breed to ever reign at Westminster.

This proves it, said Deborah Wood in Breed popularity has nothing to do with who wins Best in Show. Terriers have won far more overall titles than other breeds, but in the end, every time, "the winner is a dog with heart and soul, beauty and energy," and every breed has those.

There's clearly hope for every breed, said Josh Wingrove in the Toronto Globe and Mail. Last year's winner, Uno, was the first beagle to win Best in Show. But the real message in Stump's surprise victory was that there's still hope for a wily veteran—"even in a young dog's game."