Bush issues pardons
President Bush this week pardoned 14 felons and commuted two prison sentences, in the first round of what could be a flurry of late-term acts of clemency. In addition to granting pardons to several white-collar felons and low-level drug offenders, Bush ordered the release of musician John Forte after he served half of a 14-year sentence for a drug violation. Forte is a former backup singer for Carly Simon, who lobbied for his release.

Spitzer case reopened
A House committee will look into the prosecution of former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer, who resigned in March after being linked to a prostitution ring. Members want to know if the investigation of the a Democrat, was politically motivated, and whether agents misused the Patriot Act to comb through Spitzer’s finances. The Patriot Act allows authorities to investigate financial records for terrorist links.