GOOD DAY FOR: Rewarding patriotism, as Starbucks and other businesses are offering free and discounted goodies to people who vote today. Starbucks is giving a free tall coffee to voters, and Ben & Jerry’s and Krispy Kreme are passing out free desserts at select locations, among other treats. It is possible that such promotions violate federal election law. (Los Angeles Times)

BAD DAY FOR: Losing (or winning) in translation, after the sleepy port town of Obama, Japan, is planning a big party to celebrate the U.S. election and its newfound fame. For the past year, local shops have been selling T-shirts, fish burgers, and chopsticks bearing Barack Obama’s name. “We’ve been dancing for Mr. Obama for more than six months,” said Yuko Shirayama of the local “Obama Girls” hula dancing group. (Reuters)