What happened

Aging men who have sex at least once a week lower their risk of erectile dysfunction (ED) by 50 percent, according to a recent study. The study's authors at University of Tampere, Finland, said men who have sex three times a week decrease their risk for ED by 75 percent. (WebMD)

What the commentators said
"Science has proved there’s just no substitute for good ol’ fashioned fornication," said Simcha Whitehill on the Frisky blog. So, remember: Use it or lose it.

You'll be glad you did, in more ways than one, said the TS-Si News Service: Improved sexual health may "impact general health and quality of life."

Don't put too much stock in one study, said Philadelphia's NBC10.com. The researchers say that sexual activity is "not the only factor in preventing ED." So go ahead and romp between the sheets more often, but also pay attention to other indicators of overall health, such as cholesterol and blood pressure.